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Associate-Level Lateral Attorneys

If you’re a newly-licensed or practicing attorney with less than seven years in practice, and considering a career move to a firm that will allow you to build your own practice, work with talented attorneys, and dive into complex matters, Fabian VanCott may be a good fit.

What We Offer:

The autonomy and work culture offered by a firm of Fabian VanCott’s stature is unmatched. What makes Fabian VanCott so unique:

  • We are not a “churn and burn” law firm that grinds down associates and expects them to leave after a few years of relentless billing.
  • Every associate we hire is one we hope and expect to eventually become a partner. We are choosy with the associates we hire, because we expect we will still be working together ten, twenty, and thirty years into the future.
  • Associates get high-level experience on complex matters from day one. Unlike giant firms, you won’t spend years doing low-level drone work of diligence or discovery review. We trust our associates to handle real responsibilities, and expect they will rise to the occasion and develop their professional skills in return.
  • Our salary and benefits package is competitive with the best local full-service law firms.
  • We offer comprehensive family medical insurance, disability and life insurance, 401k match, flexible spending account, business expense account, and coverage of a parking or commuter pass. The firm also offers paid parental leave to eligible associates.
  • We pioneered the “You Choose It” Associate Program, where associates choose how many hours they work, and the commensurate salary they receive, among a variety of tracks.
  • Associates choosing higher-hour tracks receive higher salaries, but associates on lower-hour tracks are not punished or looked down upon for that choice.
  • Associates who exceed their chosen hourly track receive an automatic bonus for additional hours worked. All associates are also eligible for annual bonuses based on merit and performance.
  • We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and our attorneys take part in giving back to their communities. Learn more about our values and community service.
  • We allow associates unlimited time off for personal and vacation days, so long as they are meeting deadlines, servicing their clients at the highest level, and fulfilling all of their professional obligations. We trust our associates to manage their own schedules and honor their professional commitments.
Associate attorneys working in Fabian VanCott’s offices.
  • Our firm has an informal, collegial, and good-humored environment. We believe these traits are fully compatible with professionalism and good judgment – in fact we think they’re indispensable.
  • Miserable attorneys make mistakes, burn out, and don’t serve their clients appropriately. We want our attorneys to be motivated every day to produce excellent work, and we aim to create loyal attorneys who love their careers.
  • One of our most time-honored and cherished traditions is letting our associates roast the partners each year, which is everyone’s favorite part of our annual retreat.
  • Associates are also invited to get to know the firm’s Summer Associates during their clerk retreat, and to bring their families to mix and mingle with everyone at the yearly firm-wide event.
Fabian VanCott attorneys whitewater rafting at a summer retreat to Moab

What We Expect:

  • We expect every associate we hire to have an outstanding academic and professional track-record.
  • We expect every associate to have impressive analytical skills, a problem-solving orientation, and a drive to achieve the best legal results for clients.
  • We expect every associate to possess discerning judgment and a thorough grasp of and respect for adhering to professional and ethical obligations.
  • We expect every associate to demonstrate a fierce devotion to producing the highest quality legal work, to being responsive to clients, and to treating their colleagues with respect, a good attitude, and humility.
  • We expect our associates to demonstrate good social skills, leadership, and curiosity, as well as having a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves.
  • We expect our associates to plan for a long and successful career as a lawyer in private practice, with a commitment to their local community.

How to Apply:

If you think you would be a good fit with our firm, our Growth Committee is always looking to add valuable attorneys to our team. To learn more, please email your resume to our Growth Committee Chair, Tommy Stockard.