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We Help Businesses Obtain, Secure, and Defend Trademarks.

Trademarks are the names and logos you use to identify your business and its products and services. These are highly valuable assets of any business.

Fabian VanCott represents clients in all industries in protecting and enforcing their trademark rights worldwide and in defending against claims of trademark infringement. 

Our approach includes the following tools to protect and enforce your rights:

Strategize. Fabian VanCott will work with you to determine how best to protect your trademark rights worldwide. We strategize with you about where and how to register your trademarks to find the most comprehensive and cost-effective approach.

Register.  We will walk you step-by-step through the registration process and help you maintain your registrations once in effect. We offer highly competitive flat-fee rates to provide greater predictability as to cost.

Enforce.  We will work with you to prevent and stop any unauthorized use of your trademarks by others through litigation or other available means.

Defend.  If someone accuses you of trademark infringement, attorneys at Fabian VanCott are ready to defend you.

Meet our team of talented trademark attorneys below.