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Workers Compensation

Our Team Helps Employers Navigate Compliance and Defense of Claims.

Employers must comply with the Utah Workers’ Compensation Act, a non-fault insurance system which protects Utah’s workers when they are injured on the job.  Whether you are facing a claim for benefits or have questions regarding compliance with the Act, Fabian VanCott’s lawyers are here for you.

Our attorneys have defended Utah’s employers and the largest workers’ compensation insurers in the state. Fabian VanCott’s team represents employers and insurers in state court, ensuring that employers reap the benefits of their workers’ compensation policies by enforcing the exclusive remedy of the Workers’ Compensation Act and the Occupational Disease Act. Our attorneys also defend employers before the Utah Labor Commission, litigating administrative claims for benefits, from small temporary disability claims, catastrophic permanent disability actions, and complex occupational disease claims.

Our team also assists employers, from sole proprietorships to employers with hundreds of employees, to navigate compliance and regulatory issues. Fabian VanCott attorneys are experts at understanding the nature of your company to find the most advantageous method of compliance.  

In addition to helping employers proactively ensure compliance, we also navigate administrative enforcement matters before the Utah Labor Commission, ensuring our clients come into compliance as quickly as possible and minimizing any penalties that may be assessed.

Meet our team of talented employment lawyers below, and get in touch to discuss your Workers’ Compensation issues.