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Insurance Bad Faith

If You Have A Claim For Insurance Bad Faith, You Need An Expert.

Insurance bad faith has two general components in Utah: first-party bad faith and third-party bad faith.

First-party bad faith claims arise when your insurer fails to pay for damages you sustain when it is contractually obligated to do so. These can be uninsured motorist claims, underinsured motorist claims, property damage claims, and almost any other claim you can bring for coverage you have that arise out of your contractual relationship with your insurer.

Third-party bad faith claims arise when you have been sued by another person or entity for damages and your insurance company fails to resolve the claims on your behalf in a proper manner. These claims can arise when your insurance company fails to pay for your damages or injuries that occur in an automobile accident, or damage to your property or business.

Claims against your insurance company for both first and third-party bad faith are complicated and should be handled by an attorney.

Fabian VanCott’s insurance bad faith attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients. Our office can help you navigate the hurdles and answer questions associated with recovering your damages.

If you think you have an insurance bad faith claim and you would like to discuss it with an attorney, contact Fabian VanCott for a free consultation.