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Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling or Buying a Business Is a Significant Life Event For Our Clients.

Our attorneys honor the major turning-point it often represents for clients, when they sell a business after a life-time of building it from the ground, or invest in acquiring a business with high hopes for returns.

Our M&A team has a depth of experience to help you navigate this complex and sometimes exhausting process, to help you avoid legal pitfalls and get your deal closed in the most efficient and beneficial manner. We understand how important these transactions are to our clients, and Fabian VanCott’s M&A attorneys take pride in counseling them through to a successful closing that calls for celebration.

While we regularly act as lead counsel on large transactions valued in the hundreds of millions, we find that small acquisitions, where every dollar really counts, can be just as complex and crucial in the details.

Regardless of size, our clients need to fully understand the legal and regulatory risks, the points of leverage and relative bargaining power of the parties, and how to get through the diligence and drafting process in a stream-lined and efficient manner, to get deals closed. Fabian VanCott is exquisitely attuned to the fact that acquisitions often reflect a lifetime of our client’s blood, sweat, and investment, and we make sure they capture every bit of value for our clients, and take care of stakeholders and employees as they desire.

Fabian VanCott’s M&A team are experts in structuring, negotiating, drafting, and closing all types of deals, including:

  • Asset purchase transactions
  • Stock and equity transactions
  • Rollover-equity and exchange transactions
  • Earnout transactions
  • LOIs and Term Sheets
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Spin-Off and Spin-Out Transactions
  • Employee and Management Buyouts
  • Joint Ventures
  • Due Diligence Planning and Requests
  • Opinion Letters
  • Debt and Liability Structuring
  • Debt for Equity Swaps and Exchanges
  • Private Securities Offerings
  • Long term lease and licensing
  • SEC and state securities compliance

Whether you’re just starting to think about selling or acquiring a business, or you’ve already signed a letter of intent, our attorneys can help counsel you through what can be an overwhelming process, minimize your risk, and achieve the best outcome.

Meet our team of Mergers & Acquisitions attorneys below.