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Technology Licensing & Data Privacy

We Provide Expert Counsel on Technology and Data Privacy Matters.

Technology licensing is at the core of business transactions driven by intangible assets and intellectual property rights.

For example, internal restructurings, M&A transactions with third parties, strategic alliances, financings, and many other commercial relationships are often centered around technology opportunities that can impact an organization’s intellectual property rights. In these scenarios, our technology and data privacy attorneys provide guidance to our clients to provide stability, contractual protections, and practical measures to traverse the complexities of each transaction.

Our practice group of data privacy attorneys also helps our clients understand the evolving landscape of data and consumer privacy laws that organizations encounter in the United States and international landscape. In particular, we track the ongoing progression of U.S. state privacy laws as more jurisdictions look to implement provisions that impact businesses, both in their external collection and processing of personal information and in their internal compliance processes.

With respect to data privacy and consumer privacy compliance, we offer:

  • Recommendations for privacy policies, notices of collection, and terms of use that align with the stringent requirements in state, federal, and international data privacy legislation (including in the European Union and other international jurisdictions)
  • Tailored advice for online providers of goods and services who offer their products through mobile applications and websites that collect or process personal information and data
  • Expert guidance on data processing agreements, service provider processing clauses, and other data privacy contractual measures to help organizations understand and meet data privacy regulations and requirements
  • Practical advice for audit, organizational and technical security measures, and breach review and reporting for organizations that collect personal information and data

Meet our team of technology, licensing, and data privacy attorneys below.