Fabian VanCott attorneys are rewarded for intelligence, loyalty and innovation with a diverse and flexible professional environment. We understand that a healthy balance of support and autonomy keeps our turnover rate exceptionally low, and we pride ourselves on the fact that many of our attorneys stay with the firm for decades. We want our attorneys to be committed to seeing each other succeed, and we foster strong social bonds within the firm through recreational activities.

Attorneys who are a good fit for Fabian VanCott are usually those who are successful and talented recent graduates, as well as practicing attorneys. The firm specifically looks for individuals who demonstrate confidence and who have proven track records that will complement the firm. Summer associates and practicing attorneys can expect highly competitive salaries and reasonable billing expectations when they join the firm.

Summer Associate Program

Fabian VanCott typically recruits and hires two summer associates from a pool of law school students each year. Recruitment begins in mid- August. Each summer associate is hired with the expectation that they will return as full time associates upon graduation — and eventually join the team as shareholders.

Summer associates at Fabian VanCott are provided with a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. Summer associates are able to participate in or attend trials, hearings, complex transactions, and any other area of interest. They will have the chance to work with and learn from many talented and senior partners in the firm. With a summer associate coordinator to help manage workload and ensure a variety of experience, Fabian VanCott gives summer associates an opportunity to learn what it is like to practice in a full service law firm.

Fabian VanCott also seeks motivated and teachable candidates out of leading law schools around the country to participate in the Summer Associate Program.  Although there is no set criteria, some of the attributes the firm generally seeks in candidates include:

  • In their second year of law school
  • Real-world work experience
  • In the top 25% of their law school class
  • Proven legal writing skills
  • Have, or will have, law review, journal, or moot court experience

Summer associates often include candidates from law schools in Utah, but Fabian VanCott seeks out and frequently hires candidates from law schools around the nation.

Recruiting Contact

Attorneys and students are invited to send a cover letter and resume to our recruiting coordinator. Students attending Utah law schools should apply through their school’s on-campus interview process.  Students attending law schools outside of Utah should send a recent transcript and writing sample to the recruiting coordinator directly.

Bryant W. Jensen
Recruiting Coordinator

Fabian VanCott
215 South State Street, Suite 1200
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-2323
Tel: 801-531-8900
Fax: 801-596-2814
E-mail: recruiting@fabianvancott.com

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