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Catastrophic Personal Injury

When You or Loved One Has Suffered a Catastrophic Injury, You Need Experts.

A catastrophic injury is an injury that permanently impacts a person’s ability to work, their ability to engage in the normal activities of daily living, and or requires ongoing medical care. The injury is so serious that the damages are permanent. Many catastrophic injuries are the result of physical harm to the spine and/or brain with severe short- or long-term impact on the person’s physical or mental capabilities. Serious burns, paralysis, and degloving injuries are other types of catastrophic injuries.

Catastrophic injury cases tend to be more complex than ordinary personal injury cases. Catastrophic injury cases generally require a greater level of legal expertise and experience to properly pursue. Because the measure of damages can be so complicated and because the prolonged injury is very difficult to articulate, it requires a great deal of medical specialization to explain. It requires the ability to obtain the right experts who have knowledge in the specific area of medicine to explain how the injury occurred and how long it is likely to last. These cases also require a lawyer who can articulate those damages, the causes of the injuries, and relationship to the conduct of the negligent party.

One often overlooked, but vital consideration in selecting a catastrophic injury attorney is that the best catastrophic personal injury lawyers understand that they are not just handling a case but that they are also helping a family through a terrible time in their lives.

Every catastrophic injury case requires its own special level of detail, attention, investigation, and strategy. Avoid the assembly line legal factory firms that handle all cases by a formula. Victims are encouraged to seek a firm that will fully appreciate the impact of the case on each member of the family. Catastrophic injury cases can be similar to wrongful death cases except that in these cases, the victim continues to live. In many cases, lingering memories are created in the minds of the family members of what life was like before. This devastation can be debilitating. The lingering effects of these tragedies often result in marital difficulties, clinical depression, loss-of-income, and many other complications. Injury victims often experience changes in personality that weigh heavily on their loved ones.

The effects of catastrophic injuries often extend far beyond what is immediately apparent.

Our clients are often enduring the worst experience of their lives. We will take the time to evaluate the full long-term scope of their loss and their needs. We understand that catastrophic injuries impact the entirety of a person, their families, and their future. We prosecute our clients’ cases with the fullest possible discovery and understanding in order to maximize damages and ensure fair compensation.

How to choose a Catastrophic Injury Attorney:

  • Don’t trust your case to a big assembly-line firm
  • Don’t be a junior lawyer’s first case
  • Go with an experienced and proven pro
  •  Look for an attorney who is active in the community
  • Look for a lawyer who has handled similar cases
  • Look for an attorney who is active in the Utah Trial Lawyers Association (Plaintiff’s Bar)

If you have sustained serious injuries with long-term effects which are debilitating or limiting your actions and mental abilities, then you have likely suffered a catastrophic injury. These types of injuries often include loss of limbs, becoming unable to walk, or to clearly think, reason, or recall information.

Fabian VanCott’s catastrophic personal injury attorneys who have recovered millions of dollars for clients, our office can help you navigate the hurdles and answer questions associated with recovering your damages.

If you or someone in your family has suffered a catastrophic personal injury and you would like to discuss your case with an attorney, contact Fabian VanCott for a free consultation.