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Intellectual Property Litigation

Our Litigators Protect and Defend Your Intellectual Property Rights.

Proprietary information and rights—including inventions, processes, know-how, designs, copyrights, trade secrets, data, works of authorship, and object code—are a crucial component, and competitive driver, for businesses in all industries.

Our attorneys have the expertise to represent clients facing a lawsuit or considering initiating litigation to protect their intellectual property rights. We are committed to defending your proprietary rights and confidential information from misuse through pre-litigation and litigation defense strategies, and to enforcing and defending your trade secrets.

A trade secret is a unique form of intellectual property that might include client lists, marketing plans, formulas, software source code, or even distributor or production processes. In general, a trade secret qualifies as such when it is not generally known outside of an organization, provides independent economic value to the owner because of the anonymity of the secret, and is protected by an owner’s reasonable efforts to preserve secrecy. Our team of attorneys assists clients with identifying and protecting these trade secrets, including through enforcement actions and litigation, as needed.

Our goal is to provide you excellent advice (and practical implementation strategies) to protect your proprietary rights and trade secrets as your organization furthers its mission and goals.

Meet our team of intellectual property litigators below.