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Commercial Leasing & Evictions

A Great Commercial Lease Is The Start Of A Great Landlord-Tenant Relationship.

Fabian VanCott attorneys have been on both sides of many different types of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and even residential leases. Our experience comes will help you understand the market, what terms are most important to your needs, and how to aggressively and yet reasonably pursue those terms.

Fabian has represented national tenants, local landlords, governmental entities, and individuals in drafting and negotiating the written terms of executed leases.

After a lease is signed, Fabian will be there to assist in enforcing the lease through the entire process, from maintaining good landlord-tenant relations, to defaults and their cures, and even to eviction proceedings in court. The landlord-tenant relationship is a crucial business relationship. Our experience, creativity, and toughness will you help your each your legal objectives in leasing.

Please learn more about our team of commercial leasing and eviction Attorneys below.