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Government Contracting & FAR

Our Team Counsels Clients To Navigate Government Contracting.

Contracting with the federal government brings with it a unique set of laws and regulations distinct from the Uniform Commercial Code and common law applied to regular contracts.

The applicable rules governing federal contracting derive from federal statutes, regulations (including, most significantly, the Federal Acquisition Regulations or FAR), and case law. These rules serve the main purposes of protecting the public interest in the use of public funds and assuring the fair treatment of those who compete for government contracts.

We can help you navigate these unfamiliar waters in many ways, including:

  • Entering into transactions with the federal government
  • Managing subcontracts
  • Identifying and managing government contracting issues in mergers and acquisitions
  • Complying with and investigating potential False Claims Act violations
  • Protecting intellectual property in government contracting

Meet our FAR and Government Contracting attorneys below.