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Condemnation, Eminent Domain & Takings

Our Attorneys Can Help You Navigate The Rules For Public Taking Of Private Property.

The taking of property for public use may involve the process of eminent domain, also known as condemnation, or litigation to recover the value of your property rights taken by the government without just compensation. Fabian VanCott’s attorneys are experienced in dealing with those issues, both working on behalf of the property owner and working on behalf of the government or other condemning authority. In either case, experienced representation is essential.

To acquire property for public use, such as for roads and utilities, detailed state and federal statutes must be followed. Those statutes set forth the process to be followed, and the compensation to be paid, for property rights needed for public purposes. Representation with knowledge of those statutory rules is essential from the outset, whether you are a property owner approached by a condemning authority or a condemning authority providing essential services to the public.

If the government takes property rights without following the condemnation process, the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Utah assure that just compensation must be paid. Our attorneys are experienced in evaluating property owner’s rights and providing representation to recover the just compensation owed to the property owner.

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