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Trials & Appeals

Our Litigators Argue Your Case Persuasively To Juries And Judges.

Advocacy is unique at every stage of a case. Trials and appeals are no exception, each requiring different skills.

Trials, jury trials in particular, involve an incredible amount of work, ingenuity, and a creative eye for persuasion that Fabian VanCott attorneys understand well. Our attorneys pride themselves on weaving witnesses, documents, photos, and videos into a cohesive narrative that puts our clients’ best foot forward. In one of the most stressful moments of a case, you can count on Fabian VanCott’s litigation team to tell your story and defend your position.

Appeals are a whole other world. Instead of pitching your case to a captive audience of community members, Fabian VanCott attorneys persuade the nation’s top jurists by answering critical, highly-technical questions on the fly. But before facing a panel of judges, Fabian VanCott’s appellate attorneys spend painstaking time in drafting eloquent, comprehensive, and thoroughly-researched written arguments to convince the judges. As many appeals involve new issues of law, Fabian VanCott’s attorneys advance cutting-edge issues for our clients in both state and federal forums across the country, including before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whether you are facing the jury or your jurisdiction’s highest judges, Fabian VanCott attorneys can lead your case from start to finish.

Meet our team of talented and experienced trial and appellate attorneys below.