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Secure, Enforce, and Defend Your Copyrights.

The creative and individual expression of ideas has significant economic value, from artistic works that move the soul to computer code that drives the latest greatest app. An author automatically owns a copyright whenever a new work is created and recorded in some durable medium. Attorneys at Fabian VanCott can assist you with copyright issues in any of the three fundamental areas.

Registration: Once a copyrightable work has been created, the copyright in that work can be strengthened by registering the work with the Library of Congress. Attorneys at Fabian VanCott can assist you in securing a registration and proper recognition for your copyrightable work. To assert a copyright for any work made in the United States, a registration is essential.

Protection: When someone else makes use of your copyrighted work, your rights are infringed. This can happen very readily on the Internet where copying and pasting creative works is routine. If someone else copies some or all of your creation or creates a derivative work based on yours, attorneys at Fabian VanCott can help your demand that the copying cease and seek damages or court intervention, if needed.

Defense: If someone else accuses you of copyright infringement, attorneys at Fabian VanCott are ready to defend you. We will look for ways to exonerate you, where possible, or negotiate to mitigate the damage to your own enterprise from the copyright claim.

Meet our team of intellectual property attorneys who can defend your copyrights below.