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Asset Protection Planning

We Are Passionate About Helping Preserve Your Family’s Wealth.

A key component of estate planning is protecting assets from lawsuits that could quickly deplete the wealth that clients carefully created. Our comprehensive estate planning approach includes strategies to protect our clients’ wealth from creditors now and in future generations.

Holding assets in a revocable trust does not provide asset protection for the trust’s creator. However, a client can protect many assets through a domestic asset protection trust in Utah, Nevada, or another state, through business entities, and through other irrevocable trusts.

For clients who want these benefits, trusts provide asset protection for a spouse, descendants, and others for many generations. Trust provisions and relevant law can protect a beneficiary’s inheritance from claims arising from the beneficiary’s divorce, business liability, professional malpractice, car accidents, injuries on property, and other liabilities.

In addition, limited liability companies and other business entities can isolate higher-risk assets, such as active businesses or rental properties, from affecting other assets.

Asset protection is most effective when planning for future, unknown creditors, rather than existing or threatened lawsuits. This planning often involves a balancing of the need to retain income and use of assets with the need to protect assets from creditors. Our team can assist in navigating complex rules and issues like fraudulent or voidable transfers laws and domestic asset protection trust requirements, assessing current liability risks, and designing an estate plan that integrates asset protection with other estate planning goals.

Meet our team of talented asset protection planning attorneys below.