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Real Estate Transactions, Title & Diligence

Counsel From Our Attorneys Helps Clients Close Their Real Estate Deals.

With our combined knowledge, experience, and skills, our transactional attorneys can help you with all aspects of your real estate deal.

This includes negotiation and drafting of the purchase agreement, reviewing and cleaning up title issues, assisting with due diligence, examining water and environmental conditions, obtaining financing, finalizing construction documents, and assisting with all other aspects of an acquisition — all the way to closing and beyond.

Our attorneys focus on being efficient, tough, and reasonable, to get you the best terms possible, while alerting you to the risks inherent in your transaction.  We add value by negotiating and drafting key deal points, as well understanding and interpreting the more boilerplate aspects of transactions.

Once under contract, our attorneys will help you navigate contractual obligations, such as drafting accurate seller disclosures or engaging in buyer’s due diligence. 

At closing, we work hard to ensure that the benefit of the bargain is preserved, and that any last-minute changes do not needlessly derail the deal. Our collective experience, knowledge, and relationship skills will add value to your most important and complicated transactions.

Meet our team of real estate transactional attorneys below, and get in touch to discuss negotiating and closing your next deal.