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Senior and Partner-Level Lateral Attorneys

If you’re an attorney practicing at the partner level, and considering a career move to a firm that will provide autonomy, a transparent and fair compensation model, and a roster of talented attorneys and sophisticated clients, Fabian VanCott may be a good fit.

What We Offer:

Here are just a few of the characteristics that make Fabian VanCott a firm where the best attorneys want to carry out their career:

  • We are committed to running a tight ship, with low overhead. We aim to provide the highest value for our clients and best returns to our partners, rather than racking up extravagant expenses that unnecessarily increase overhead.
  • Every partner has an equal vote. We elect our governing board each year, by a fair vote with every partner having an equal voice.
  • Our governing board reflects the diversity of our attorneys, chosen by their colleagues who trust them to represent their interests. We don’t believe in secretive management who exercise top-down authority.
  • Our compensation system is simple, clear, and fair. There are no mysterious decisions favoring an inner circle.
  • Every partner at our firm receives a monthly report with full details on the production, revenue, and compensation of every attorney in the firm. Bonuses are also transparent and approved by the vote of every partner.
  • Compensation for senior attorneys who elect of-counsel status is similarly fair and transparent, with clear metrics and a straightforward compensation formula.
  • Our attorneys are some of the most experienced and brilliant lawyers in the intermountain west. We are committed to continuing our proud, century-long legacy of serving the legal community.
  • Because we are so choosy with hiring, we trust our attorneys with unmatched autonomy in charting their own careers, and don’t stand in the way of their career development or burden them with unnecessary red-tape and administrative rules.
  • We expect and hope that all of our attorneys will be with us for the long-haul. Some of our dearest relationships are with our colleagues, and we expect to be working together for decades.
  • We are committed to serving our community. Learn more about our values and community service.
  • Keeping with our western traditions, our firm has an informal and good-humored work culture. We believe these traits are fully compatible with professionalism and good judgment – in fact, we think they’re indispensable.
  • Miserable attorneys make mistakes, burn out, and don’t serve their clients appropriately. We want our attorneys to be motivated every day to produce excellent work, and we aim to create loyal attorneys who love their careers.
  • Our firm has a time-honored and cherished tradition of letting our associates roast the partners each year, which is the highlight of our annual retreat, but the ability to laugh at yourself is required!

What We Expect:

  • We expect every attorney we hire to have an outstanding professional track-record, a stellar reputation, and top-of-the class legal skills.
  • We expect every attorney to possess discerning judgment and a thorough grasp of and adherence to professional and ethical obligations.
  • We expect every attorney to demonstrate a fierce devotion to producing the highest quality legal work, to being responsive and sensitive to clients, and to treating their colleagues with respect and a good attitude.
  • We expect our attorneys to worry about their clients’ problems like they’re their own, and to devote the same energy and drive to finding the best solutions.
  • We expect our attorneys to demonstrate good social skills, a great sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at themselves.
  • We expect our attorneys to be fully committed to a long and successful career as a lawyer in private practice, and achieving outstanding results for our clients.

How to Apply:

If you think you would be a good fit with our firm, our Growth Committee is always looking to add valuable attorneys to our team. In most cases, we expect partner-level lateral hires to join us with of-counsel status for a short-term period, until our partners have developed the history to feel comfortable voting to admit them as a partner.

To learn more, please email your resume to our Growth Committee Chair, Tommy Stockard.